Starting up your own business is a big decision to make – it carries many benefits but also an equal number of risks. However with careful planning many of the risks can be minimized.

Most people start a business because they have a good business proposition, and the enterprise and commitment to see it through, not because they are experts in the legal and financial aspects of running a business.

In fact, these matters can often seem daunting, and even off-putting, to the budding entrepreneur. The good news is that you do not need to be an expert in these fields to succeed in business. All you need is the support of a team of trained experts. That is where we fit in. Bring us your business ideas and we will help you to evaluate them and put them into practice in a constructive and realistic manner. Talk to one of our associates today about our award-winning Business Plan writing.


Fixed priced packages for startup businesses

We understand that knowing upfront your costs is particularly important for startup businesses. We've therefore put together a number of fixed priced packages. Contact us today to find out more.

Company Formation

Before actively forming your company on your behalf, Business Pro Limited will discuss which business structure would be most suitable for you. Having managed hundreds of companys' formations, Business Pro Limited is widely experienced in advising which business structure would best match your requirements.

Business Planning

Business planning is essential if you are to maximize the profit potential of your business. Business Pro Limited offers a business planning service to help identify appropriate targets and set key measures for your company's performance and profitability.

GCT and other Statutory Taxes Registration

Should you be GCT registered? Until your business reaches the compulsory GCT registration threshold, you will have the choice to become voluntarily GCT registered. Whereas businesses reaching the compulsory threshold must make an application to become GCT registered with TAX ADMINISTRATION JAMAICA (TAJ) and subsequently file GCT returns.

PAYE and other Statutory Tax Schemes

As a new employer, you will need to set up a Pay As You Earn (PAYE) and other Statutory scheme with TAX ADMINISTRATION JAMAICA (TAJ) and the National Housing Trust in order to submit Income Tax, Education Tax, National Housing Trust, HEART contributions and National Insurance payments for your employees. Our guide, Payroll Basic Procedures, gives a basic overview of what you need to operate PAYE, including which forms you'll need and key dates. Business Pro Limited can assist you with this process if you wish to manage your company’s payroll in-house.


Getting the structure of your business right can have a tremendous effect on the amount of tax that you will pay over its lifetime, and when you sell or pass it on.

Accounting Software

Every business needs a way of keeping its books. There are lots of systems to choose from, both installed on your computer or used online.

What systems will your business need?

Every business, no matter how small, needs systems both to enable it to comply with the regulations relevant to that type of business and also to provide the business owner with information about how the business is performing and to help him or her deliver their product or service.

Company Secretarial

Every new and established limited company has to comply with the statutory requirements of company returns. Our team specializes in all levels of Company Secretarial services which means your business can be assured of statutory compliance at all times.

Company Protection

Any business, large or small, is likely to face the unexpected at some time but you can reduce this risk by planning ahead, giving your company protection for the future. Whether your business is a sole trader, partnership or limited company, Business Pro Limited's Company Protection schemes provide you with complete peace of mind and are designed to match your business and personal requirements.

Shareholder Agreements

We provide a very comprehensive but cost-effective shareholders' agreement. Every company should have one. Please contact us for more information.

International Services

A number of overseas businesses have experienced the benefits of utilizing Business Pro Limited Accountants to form their Jamaican operations. Business Pro Limited has significant experience acting for overseas-owned companies and provides a range of company formation, accounting and advisory services.