Starting up your own business is a big decision to make – it carries many benefits but also an equal number of risks. However with careful planning many of the risks can be minimized.

Year End Accounting

A company's year-end falls on the anniversary of the month that it was first incorporated unless subsequently changed. To satisfy your statutory requirements, your company must prepare the appropriate sets of accounts and tax returns each year. This will include a full set of accounts,an abbreviated set of accounts and tax computation and return.


Good quality records can tell you everything you need to know about your business, such as how much money you are owed and what you owe to suppliers, as well as monitoring your profit. However, incomplete, out of date records contribute to losing sight of cash flow.

Business Planning

Business planning is essential if you are to maximize the profit potential of your business. Business Pro Limited offers a business planning service to help identify appropriate targets and set key measures for your company's performance and profitability.

Tax Planning

Not everyone is aware that they have the right to arrange their personal or corporate tax affairs in a manner that will minimise the amount of tax they pay. Business Pro Limited Accountants has a wealth of experience in tax planning that can improve both business and individuals' tax positions.

Forensic Accounting & Litigation Support

We have a dedicated team of specialists providing the full range of forensic accounting and litigation support services, including expert witness, expert determination and mediation.